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Wonderful, the pronunciation Wufu (five blessings) in Chinese, comes from the History of Book (Hong Fan): "Longevity, Prosperity, Health, Morality and Enjoyment". After Luoxi Jumping Five Blessings (Promotion, Flat Peach, Kuixing, Wealth and Descendant) in Tang dynasty, it evolved into five kinds of happiness: Blessing, Prosperity, Longevity, Benevolence and Wealth.


Blessing refers to physical heath and peace of mind.


Prosperity refers to prominent position and prosperity.


Longevity refers to long life like South Mountain.


Benevolence refers to mercy.


Wealth refers to handsome money and charity.


Our name Wonderful (homophonous Wufu (Five Blessings in Chinese) not only means the admiration about long Chinese culture, but also fiver blessings. We focus on not only the leading position among the industry, but also the interests of customers and staff and the responsibility for the society.


Customers’ interests are our primary focus. We know that our development cannot be separated from customers’ concern. We also hope to give them a sincere return.


Staff's interests are the key we are focusing. We also know our progress cannot be separated from the hard work of all staff and the devotion of all dependents. For each excellent member, we will give a return.


Social stability brings rich soil for our development. As a growing enterprise, we'll remember our responsibility and make contribution to the inheritance of Chinese culture.


We hope to offer all blessings to you!



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Wufu WeChat

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